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1 NATION ELECTRONICS – Oldsmar, FL - – Government, military and aerospace components such as connectors, circuit card assemblies, microcircuits and discrete devices. ISO 9002, government quality assurance specialist available for inspection compliance as needed. Value added services on all board level components cuh as tape & reel service, burn-in testing, specification data sheets, end-of-life and obsolescence part support.

4 STAR ELECTRONICS, INC. – San Clemente, CA - – 4 Star Electronics is an ISO 2001:9000 certified independent distributor of obsolete electronic components. We have an extensive in-stock inventory of obsolete electronic components which includes millions of industrial, commercial and MIL-spec components. Use our Free Part Search Utility to check inventory and request a quote online.

ACF COMPONENTS & FASTENERS, INC. – Hayward, CA - – One-stop shopping for all your fastener and mechanical component requirements. As a Master Stocking Distributor, ACF is ready to give you a competitive edge by saving you money, and by being your quality on-time supplier. Stocking AVK, Bivar, Heyco, Ideal, Keystone, Panduit, PIC Design, RAF, Richco, Sumitomo Electric, 3M, and Zierick.

ACROSS THE BOARD ELECTRONICS – La Crescenta, CA - – Southern California based distributor, meeting the component needs of OEM and CEM customers, both domestically and globally. Representing the highest quality electronic components from manufacturers across the globe. We’re ready to quote and quick to deliver.

AEROSUP, INC. – Los Angeles, CA – - Worldwide supplier of aircraft parts and aviation services to the airlines, aircraft operators, airframe manufacturers and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) operations. Airframe parts and accessories, aircraft engine parts, landing gear components, aircraft avionics, flight controls, aircraft lights and more. OEM parts are supplied with complete certification and traceability documents.

AFR ENTERPRISES – Santa Ana, CA – - Electronic component stocking distributors, specializing long lead-time, hard to find, and obsolete components – Resistors, semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, memory, as well as military, aerospace and avionic parts. We also provide services for electronic components – Consignment, lot management, testing & verification, and component taping & reeling, and other component prep services.

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The US leads the world in the electronic equipment space. Overseas biomedical representatives visiting the US for research or work in the medical field should protect their health while travelling. Take a look at types of biomedical equipment here, Or look at what is available in the Med Marketplace.

Aerospace Equipment Suppliers

RF/microwave, fasteners, aerospace, gas turbine, aeroengine components, blades, vanes, design, composite materials

Volkin Electronics, Inc. – (supplier) – is stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Semiconductors (IC’S, memory, micro controllers, CPU’s, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), & more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical.

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. – (supplier) – develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, technically demanding electronics and metal components and assemblies for the aerospace, defense, electronics, medical, energy and transportation industries.

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Biomedical Equipment Technician

Go into any hospital or medical facility and you will get an earful of beeping, humming and chirping noises. That’s the sound of all the equipment being used to monitor patients’ vital signs, look for diseases or injuries and keep bodies doing what bodies are supposed to do. When any piece of this equipment ceases to function, a biomedical equipment technician is the person called upon to fix it.
Also called a medical equipment repairer, he or she may work on equipment that is as simple as an electric wheelchair, or as sophisticated as a CAT scanner, depending on his or her training and experience. He or she is indispensable to any healthcare facility as it is this person who keeps patient monitors, diagnostic equipment, voice-controlled operating tables, wheelchairs and gurneys functioning. A biomedical equipment technician, in addition to making repairs, also performs regular maintenance, to ensure that equipment continues to function well. There were 38,000 biomedical equipment technicians employed in 2010. The companies that supply equipment to hospitals and healthcare facilities employed well over a quarter of them. Many also worked for hospitals and equipment repair and maintenance companies. Approximately 13% of biomedical equipment technicians were self employed.
Educational Requirements:
Those who work in this field most commonly have an associate degree in biomedical equipment technology, electronics or engineering. Less complicated work generally requires only on-the-job training, while more sophisticated work may warrant a bachelor’s degree. One may also need a bachelor’s degree for a job with a greater level of responsibility.
Someone who is new to this field will spend a few months working under the supervision of an experienced biomedical equipment technician before he or she is deemed ready to work independently. The training doesn’t stop there however. As technology advances and new equipment is developed, biomedical equipment technicians must constantly keep up with these changes. They do this by attending seminars and engaging in self study.

Kentucky Medical Equipment Suppliers Association

The Kentucky medical equipment suppliers association is a non-profit organization and unique in the fact that their aim is to provide Kentucky and its neighboring states a forum for legislative input, education, and third party liaison. Promoting the common interest in the industry and the purpose of KMESA is to function as a unified coalition of industry members with goals such as:
• 3rd Party Carrier Communications
• On-going Education
• Industry growth
• Professional liaison
• Quality Patient Care
Kentucky medical equipment suppliers association brings together home medical equipment dealers throughout Kentucky and its neighboring states in providing a forum of legislative input, education, and promotion of common interest in the medical equipment supply.
The benefits of belonging to KMESA
• Improved third party Communications – direct carrier assistance, carrier representation at membership meetings.
• A channel for your input on:
Proposed legislation
Industry standardization
Reimbursement issues
Health care trends
• Semiannual conventions:
Large exhibit hall featuring leading manufacturers
Timely programs with notable speakers
• HME Resource Library:
Special rates on invaluable training manuals for staff
In-house collection of documentation on national and
State health issues
• Excellent educational programs:
Billing, management, sales, marketing
• Communications through electronic mailings and newsletters:
Committee reports and third party updates
Meeting notices and pre-registrations
Membership and business news
• Industry networking with: Legislators, industry leaders, leading manufacturers
• Proposed regional membership meetings:
Opportunity to share ideas and business news with other DME dealers
Firsthand third party information and billing assistance
• Industry-wide E-mail system for members:
On-line resource system on latest issues affecting DME
Urgent communication system
• Legislative voice:
Your legislative voice on legislation in Frankfort and Washington

In addition to the wide array of member, cost-efficient and flexible solutions with association endorsed health, dental and financial solutions. Human resources and office management support.